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4-Person Test Kit

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4-Person Test Kit

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The TestTheTeam COVID-19 test kit is for the collection of saliva samples from team members.  Each 4-person test kit contains four collection tubes that contain a small amount of mouthwash. The starting price for a TestTheTeam kit is $49.99 (plus shipping and handling). 

At this time we only offer 4-person test kits. Multiple kits can be purchased. When ordering, the contact email address given will be notified of a “detected” or “not-detected” result. Please see FAQ page for when you can expect results.

Important Notice

TestTheTeam does not give results for individual team members. A “detected” or “not-detected” result will be given for the team as a group. If you are notified of a detected result, please have all team members contact their healthcare provider.

Kits ordered must be returned within 10 business days. Results will not be given for kits returned for testing outside this time limit.

Note, each sample collection tube contains a small amount of Crest mouthwash which, according to the manufacturer, is suitable for children 6 years and above. 

If a team member is experiencing any symptoms that could indicate an active COVID-19 infection do not submit their sample. You will be required to attest that no-one submitting a sample has COVID-19 symptoms on the form supplied with the kit. 

Shipping and Handling:

All shipments are via FedEx.

Note, additional charges will apply if you purchase multiple kits and plan on returning kits in multiple shipments.  

Return Rates
San Diego
Contiguous US $45