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Important – THIS TEST IS FOR NON-SYMPTOMATIC SCREENING ONLY. If you, or anyone else you plan on testing, are exhibiting symptoms, please do not submit their sample and instead contact your medical provider. By returning samples, you are acknowledging that no individual supplying a sample is symptomatic for COVID-19 - see list of common symptoms here.

Each sample collection tube contains a small amount of Crest mouthwash. The manufacture recommends that children under 6 years of age not use the mouthwash. All children should be supervised by an adult. The mouthwash should not be ingested.

Please note, kits ordered must be returned within 10 business days. Results will not be given for kits returned for testing outside this time limit.

Before placing your order:

  • Determine how many kits you will need by dividing the total people you want to test by 4. 
  • Make sure you are ready to split up your team into groups of 4. These groups of 4 should be grouped by proximity or time spent near each other. 
  • Shipping is via FedEx and will take approximately three days to arrive at your location. All shipments back to TestTheTeam are overnight.
  • If ordering more than one kit, will you be returning the kits in one shipment or in multiple shipments? Returning in multiple shipments will increase shipping and handling charges.
  • Place your order here

When your kits are received:

When your test kits arrive, record the serial numbers of the kits and note each person to whom you will give a collection tube to collect their sample alongside each kit serial number. Which tube you give them is not important, but the kit that tube was removed from is important.

Prior to giving a sample inform all team members to be well-hydrated, and notify them not to eat, drink, smoke, or chew anything at least 30 minutes prior.

Instructions for giving a sample:

  1. Remove box from FedEx shipping bag.

  2. Open box.

  3. Take the sample tube out of the bag.

  4. Pass the tube to the team member who is providing the sample.
  5. Sip all of the mouthwash so that all of it is held in the mouth.

  6. Tilt the head back and gargle the mouthwash for at least 10 seconds.

  7. Spit the mouthwash back into the tube. 

  8. Be sure to pucker lips and don’t worry if some of the liquid doesn’t make it back in the tube. We only require a small sample.
  9. Screw the cap back on the tube firmly.

  10. Seal tube with the tape provided. Please DO NOT remove the serial number label.

  11. Place the 4 sample tubes back in the plastic bag of the kit it was taken from. Alternate the direction of the tubes in the box so they all fit. 

  12. Put the box in bubble wrap and seal.

  13. Place inside the provided, if purchased, FedEx envelope. 
  14. Deliver the package to FedEx for overnight shipping back to the TestTheTeam facility. It is important that you deliver your kit/s for return shipping within 24 hours of collecting samples.

You will be notified of the test result by email within 48-hours (2 business days) of TestTheTeam receiving your package. Note, kits received by 8:30 AM PST, on business days, will often have results emailed the next day. Kits ordered must be returned within 10 business days (and within 24 hours of samples being taken). Results will not be given for kits returned to us for testing outside this time limit.