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Get Your Team Tested
TestTheTeam is for group, not individual testing, and for people who are not experiencing any common COVID-19 symptoms. TestTheTeam strongly recommends that everyone follow state and federal COVID-19 safety guidelines.
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How it Works

See 'Instructions' page for complete details
Step 1

Remove tube cap

Step 2

Gargle mouthwash for 10 seconds

Step 3

Spit back into tube and replace cap

Step 4

Seal the tubes in the bag, place in kit box, and return in the supplied FedEx envelope

  • Relieve Pressure on America’s Limited Testing Resources

    Test Teams and Not Individuals

  • Embrace togetherness

    Reduce risk of personal contact

  • Let’s Get America Back to Work!

    Inexpensive enough for frequent testing

Who is it for?

TestTheTeam is ideal for any group of people who regularly interact with each other or who plan to in the near future, such as: Sports teams, Co-workers, Classrooms, and Families. It is not for people exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or for children under 6.


Using TestTheTeam is easy!

  • Cost Effective

    Pricing starts at less than $49.99 per kit! Each kit contains 4 sample tubes – discounts for larger quantities.

  • Timely Results

    Electronic notification of results. Regularly delivered in less than 48 hours from receipt of sample.

  • Convenient and pain-free

    Mouthwash in the sample tube. Team members gargle the mouthwash and spit back into the tube.

  • Highly accurate

    The TestTheTeam test has been shown to be as accurate and as sensitive as the RT-PCR – the gold standard in COVID-19 testing.

Why use TestTheTeam?

Cost Effective

 Test a 4-person group for $49.99 (plus S&H*)
*Shipping and Handling charges are significant due to overnight requirement.


As sensitive and as accurate as the gold-standard in testing RT-PCR.


Gargle mouthwash and spit back into the tube.

100% American

American company with the test performed at our California facility.

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